What is is the first global Internet platform for research, enhancement, referencing and advertising, completely devoted to eroticism pleasures in general and to commercial and non-commercial activities devoted to sex and its various derivatives in particular.

Who can advertise on

With the primary aim of referencing people, companies and Websites offering activities related to eroticism, pleasure, sex and its applications, all concepts which match this definition are welcome on our site.

How does function? is very simple to use and provides its visitors, prospective customers or its customers with a user-friendly and intuitive interface as well as many features which facilitate navigation and registration, as well as the creation of the profiles of our future members and customers.

You can create your own advert page using a predefined protocol provided for you. This protocol varies depending on whether you are a person, company or a Website and is adapted to the needs of each category. Of course, our technical staff will be at your disposal to help you when you access our personal record creation programme for the first time.

One of’s major advantages is the possibility of managing (free) your personal page or your company page. Another considerable advantage is that you can feature for the same price, in different categories if your activity is multiple and these are just two examples of the many possibilities offered by Realsexindex.

How much does cost?

Complete price details on Realsexindex services can be found on our price page or during registration but you should know that in this case also, we offer exceptional conditions...

With, there is no costly monthly subscription and tacit renewal against your wishes…No vendors harassing you every month by threatening to stop your advert if you do not pay on time... No ever-changing rates and additional bizarre paying services...

With you pay only once a year!

When you are registering on our site, you make a single payment, lump sum, annual and very advantageous for the option you would have chosen and then you will discover the price on our price page. If you later wish to go for any of our enhancement options like the VIP profile or advertising banner, there you will also find the rates and conditions on our site.

Have fun on and we are available for any questions or suggestions.