General Conditions

When you subscribe for one of our services using one of our online registration forms or through our sales department, the customer of acknowledges to have read and agreed fully to the general sales conditions. The customer agrees to provide only data that is truthful. Validation by the payment of the order means total acceptance of the present general conditions applying, regardless of the services chosen, to both their form and duration or content.

Article 1 – Services

  1. is a department of the company New Imaging Group Ltd. providing services in the field of enhancement, referencing and Internet advertisement of commercial and/or non commercial erotic activities.
  2. shall reserve the right to adapt these services at any time it deems necessary to improve the services offered to customers.
  3. All offers, services, options and variants are described online, on the website of
  4. shall reserve the right to turn to third parties and sub-contractors for the execution of the contract.
  5. These conditions are aimed at providing the customer with the enhancement, referencing and advertising services of its Website(s), its activity or business.

Article 2 – Entry into force of the contract

  1. The contract shall take effect on the date receives the payment of the order.
  2. If one of the required documents is not returned or the service is not paid for, the contract cannot be considered as concluded.
  3. The period of execution of the service provided by may be variable and the customer shall be informed during the signing of the contract.

Article 3 - Quality of services

  1. shall agree to do everything in its power to ensure permanence, continuity and the quality of services it offers by conforming to the dictates of the profession.
  2. Realsexindex cannot in any way guarantee that services offered will not be interrupted (systems maintenance, unavoidable network problems, case of force majeure …)

Article 4 – Case of force majeure

  1. Neither party shall be held responsible for the delay or the non-execution of the contract or part of it in case of force majeure.
  2. The case of force majeure shall suspend the obligations of this contract throughout the duration of the force majeure. However, if the case of force majeure lasts for more than a full month, either party shall have the right to terminate the contract through a simple registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt 8 days after its receipt.

Article 5 - Prices of services

  1. New Imaging Group Ltd. is a European company not liable for VAT. Thus, the prices of services offered are those found on the Website; they are Tax Exclusive and can be paid in Swiss francs, Euros, or American dollars, in advance when ordering.
  2. The prices of services paid in advance shall be guaranteed for the said period.
  3. shall reserve the right to change its prices at any time. In such a case, services under execution shall be subject to the price agreed upon at the date of the initial contract.

Article 6 – Liability

  1. Realsexindex shall in no case be liable for :
    • The activity of the person, company or the site content entrusted to it for referencing such as: information, photographs, sounds, texts, videos contrary to the laws and regulations in force.
    • Direct or indirect use of the site content. This can be made accessible through links established beyond the control of
  2. Furthermore, given the characteristics and technical limitations of the Internet, the customer accepts that shall not in any way be held responsible and especially for :
    • Damage to customer’s equipment.
    • Malicious intrusions of third parties into the customer’s site.
    • Virus attack of customer’s data and/or software, which is to be protected by the latter.
    • Possible hacking of passwords, confidential codes, and more generally all information sensitive to the customer.
    • Piracy and the misuse of the content found on the customer’s site.
  3. Assuming that the liability of Realsexindex is proven, the amount for compensation should not exceed the amount actually paid for the service in the year the damage occurs.
  4. shall reserve the right to suspend or discontinue at any time, any person, activity or Website whose content is illegal or harmful to the image of the site.

Article 7 – Obligations of the customer

  1. Generally, netiquette shall be applied. This manual regulating the manner of using the Internet is used in all areas governing the use of the Internet. The customer shall accept netiquette as an integral part of the contract with
  2. The customer shall guarantee the payment of all fees especially those governed by intellectual property relating to the works published, in their entirety or in part on its site.
  3. The customer shall release his/her provider, from any possible responsibility thereof.

Article 8 - Assistance

  1. shall provide technical assistance by email or hotline to the customer depending on the services and options chosen.

Article 9 - Information requirements

  1. The customer shall agree to provide with all information necessary for the proper execution of the contract.
  2. The customer shall agree to inform of any change of his/her situation and which could affect the contractual relationship (change of address, etc.).

Article 10 - Suspension of services

  1. shall reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate the contract in case of non-payment of sums due under this contract, and more generally in case of non-respect of one of the obligations of the customer as stipulated in these conditions.

Article 11 - Termination and end of contract

  1. The contract shall automatically expire at the end of the period of service indicated during subscription except the customer decides to extend his/her subscription by choosing the appropriate option in his/her management interface.
  2. In case of non-fulfilment by either party, of one of the obligations set out in these conditions, the contract shall be terminated ipso facto 15 days after sending a formal notice which has remained un-answered to the defaulting party by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.
  3. In the case where the customer does not fulfil all his/her obligations and decides to terminate the contract, the service shall not be reimbursed.

Article 12 - Amendment of the general sales conditions

  1. shall reserve the right to amend the general sales conditions at any time. The customer shall be informed in writing or by email of the amendments. The general sales conditions shall be deemed accepted as soon as the amendments enter into force.

Article 13 – Jurisdiction

  1. This contract shall be governed by Swiss law.
  2. The court with jurisdiction shall be in Geneva.